Just a small town girl from nowhere. Just kidding! I’m a friendly Bangalorean! An Indian by blood and a foodie by heart, cooking has been my passion since age 10. And then 6 years later teenage lunacy hit me WHAM! and now I’m obsessed with the chic, opulent and fickle lifestyle of a typical teen. Coming from an orthodox-ish Hindu family, I’ve never been able to experiment with the alluring trends out on the runway each season, but that won’t stop me from showing my take on the fashion world! So welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find life and everything in between!

P.S:- I’m a bibliophile through and through. Feel free to recommend some books you’d like me to read.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh yeah..! 🙂
    Anyways go ahead great child !! 😀
    You’re kind are the inspiration for the society..!! In ‘this’ society especially..!!
    Arts are always to be appreciated !!!
    All the very best..!!! 🙂


  2. Blessed talent for too young brains !!! 🙂 😉 Stay blessed… Stay focused…!!!
    Happy girl 🙂 😀


    1. Aditi Rao says:

      Thank you so much!! It is such a motivation when a senior appreciates my work!!


      1. I ain’t a senior lady. We’re just the same age with artistic standards.
        So cheers to the talent and skills.
        Stay Blessed. Stay Bold. 🙂
        Lot more to GO !!
        Happy Future..!! 😀


      2. Aditi Rao says:

        Aren’t you my senior from school? .-.
        But thanks! ^_^ still appreciate it.


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