Bengal Diaries: Ashtami

A bright new day led us to draping our Bengali sarees that we had newly bought a couple days ago in Serampore Market. The occasion being Ashtami, we had to offer our prayers to Durga along with flowers and other things.

I was hoping that everyone around me would wear their saris in the Bengali way, but unfortunately, no one did. I was different that way but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the beauty of this fashion.



After the puja, we feasted on the best Kichuri I had ever tasted along with Fried Brinjals and Alu Dum. Meals in Bengal are never complete without sweets at the end. With a super sweet chutney made of pumpkin, they served Payesh or Kheer too.

With a little bday celebration for my grandpa, we winded up for the day and packed our bags for the next leg of our traveling.


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