Fresher’s Day or Talent’s Day?

Presidency College, Hebbal hosted this year’s fresher’s day today. How was it different from other colleges, you ask?

For starters, the Yelahanka and JP Nagar branches were invited. This meant that my ex-classmates from the Yelahanka branches were here. While this definitely made my day, most of the performances were pitiful.

When one thinks of freshers, they think of friends, fun and music. LOTS of music. I can’t deny that we had music here, but it was in the form of background music for the dancers or singers. It was just purely a talents day. Everyone showcased what they had in them and then the seniors showed off their skills too. With a fashion show thrown in the mix, we called it a day and left before the sun even remotely started to set.

It started early, and it ended early too. I wouldn’t call it a disappointment, but it wasn’t anything memorable.

Early morning, a walk in GKVK with my brother had me all fresh and rosy for the upcoming eventful day. After clicking a few pictures among nature, we scooted off to the college and were encompassed in a MASSIVE crowd holding three colleges.

IMG_0983IMG_0984IMG_0986IMG_0989A few pictures here, a little food there, lots of laughter and inside jokes and we were soon bored.


IMG_0995Pretty much summed up our day eh? But see….


Remember Prerana from my previous post??? OF COURSE you do! Today was the day!!! D-Day!! We finally videoshot her song!

Except, Veda gave his camera to a friend -.- and we had to make do with the mobile phones. While it looked amazing on the phone, it lost all its resolution on screen. Don’t let this discourage you from listen guys. Please. Her voice is what counts. Since it’s our first upload, you can excuse the mess. We’ll get better with time.





Sachin, my little guitarist friend, accompanied us to play for Prerana’s video. After whipping up their rendition of 5SOS’s Wherever You Are and clicking a few pictures in between, we called it a day and bid Prerana adieu for the day.

While seemingly uneventful, each one of us made new friends today. Friends we will remember and will definiely be leaning on at some point.


Isn’t that what it’s always about?

Also, check out Prerana’s new video!!!

Until next time guys,




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